Was hoping for better pictures from this premiere

because Armitage’s look in the play is so magnetic. Unfortunately it does not translate to these photos.

~ by Servetus on January 24, 2020.

23 Responses to “Was hoping for better pictures from this premiere”

  1. Yeah, he does look a little rough. And that green does nothing for him. He looks washed out to me. And don’t get me started on that hair. 😬


  2. I agree and he is looking even more like my father. He does look happy though with his sparkling eyes and strange apple-like cheeks

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  3. He could have just stayed in his Astrov clothes.


  4. Thanks for all your reviews of Uncle Vanya. It feels like I was there myself seeing it through your eyes.

    Glad the play is a huge sucess with the press as well as the audience. Thank you for all the news and updates about it as well.

    As for Richard I do hope that he didn’t do what I suspect he did to those cheekbones. If he did it then he is really having a huge mid life crisis.

    Wishing you a smooth comeback to day to day life and a wonderful semester at University.

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  5. Ja, dieses Grün ist ganz nah am -sorry- Rentnerbeige ….. 😉
    Aber jeder liegt mal knapp daneben. Üben wir uns in Nachsicht 😀

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  6. He looks a bit green in the face.


  7. BTW… that beard makes him look old!!! Can’t resist to point that out! 😉

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  8. Indeed, my father has had a similar shirt and a grey suit, too. Old man fashion. Also he looks happy it is not my favourite picture.

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