Isn’t he charming

~ by Servetus on January 29, 2020.

11 Responses to “Isn’t he charming”

  1. He seems so HAPPY these days. And I’m so happy that he’s so happy. 🙂

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  2. So many many much!!

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  3. I love when she interviews him

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  4. What did they both watch over Christmas?? (they talk about it at the very beginning!)

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  5. I hopped onto YouTube to see if the interview was longer ( it wasn’t) because I need to know what they were talking about having watched over Christmas. Maybe a Brit will tell us.I really do think Lorraine talks too much and if RA hadn’t been there to promote his work I don’t think he would got a word in edgeways. He had to talk over her at times which I would guess is not something that comes easily for him. But He looked like he was enjoying himself and happy to let her blather on.

    Another piece of evidence that RA really is a nice guy – Lorraine was interviewed on a Podcast i subscribe to and she said that anyone who behaves badly on her show does not get invited back no matter who they are. She cited an A list actor ( not named) who was charming to her and gave a great interview but had been rude to a junior member of the crew, and whose publicist has tried to get back on the show unsuccessfully because Lorraine won’t have them back. Good for her.

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    • My read of this is that she’s a totally known quantity, he doesn’t have to work very hard or say anything unexpected, and he’s basically amused by her. Sort of like an auntie that you see from time to time at family reunions.

      I agree — good for her. I’m sure she has enough people to chat with without inviting rude people. There’s a sense in which she is pleasant and entirely predictable, but there’s also a great deal to be said for having, cultivating and enforcing good manners.

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      • Yes- shes not going to ask intrusive questions and she knows her part of the deal is to allow her guests to plug their work. And she always seems to have seen and loved his shows.


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