Bitter truths

What I need to do: finalize my philosophy grades
What I want to do: watch The Stranger
What I am going to do: go to bed

[I think I’m still going to blog about it, but on my own timetable. So don’t spoil me, please!]

~ by Servetus on January 31, 2020.

13 Responses to “Bitter truths”

  1. I said I would only watch two episodes and that’s what I did before bed last night.
    You have lots of lovely television to come.

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    • Honestly, when we don’t know what’s coming next and when we will see him act (as opposed to hear his voice), the incentive to binge falls drastically. Probably I should watch one episode a month.

      Right after I posted this I learned my father had been the victim of a phishing scheme. So the plan to get enough sleep also foundered.

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      • Could be hard to watch one a month!!!!!

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        • Like “Kathy Jones”, I was meaning that even if your occupations and worries are numerous at present, this series is likely to capture you and could lead you to watch it more than once a month …

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          • that’s a real reason for not even starting it at this point. I have no spare time.


            • Si c’est votre décision, sachez que vos commentaires vont manquer à beaucoup de personnes.


              • I’m teaching five classes on two campuses. I don’t have my winter term grades done yet. This week dad lost his wallet, became the object of a phishing scheme, and bricked his computer. I still have to do everything else I’ve been doing for a year and a half.

                But to be honest, I’m dreading (and I’m seeing signs of it already) a wave of new fans. I can’t handle much “Richard Armitage is perfect” even at the best of times but this might be the worst of times. I probably should quit being a fan altogether, but I’m too attached to this blog and to him.


                • I understood and noticed all of this. Between quality and quantity, the fight will remain unequal. The quality of your writings, his acting skills are worth the wait … and the “detour”. Also, I send you all my good waves; my thoughts…


            • 🙂 Between reason and passion, if reason triumphed for you, my reason resisted as long as it could, but finally lost the battle, faced with a passion lurking in the shadows, which was only waiting for a fall of my vigilance …. I became a willing victim until when …? I wish you: “Bon courage to stay on guard!”


  2. I ended up binge watching it all yesterday and got no sewing done. Sorry to hear what happened with your dad.

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  3. I think you will like it.

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