Wish I could erase this

I don’t think I’ve liked one photo from this series. Way too artificial. I don’t get why photogs don’t get that photos like his have to have some irony in them or they fail utterly. #buzzkill

This was cute though (I guess he deleted it)

But really, this is the Richard Armitage picture I’m hanging onto in memory. He’s acting but at least it’s apparent.

~ by Servetus on February 10, 2020.

11 Responses to “Wish I could erase this”

  1. You’re right about the photogs. At least there are no plaid suits. hehe Love those blue eyes. Hope you are doing well Serv.


    • ok, good point, maybe the photogs rescue him from his own poor taste?

      Hope you are well too. I’m grading philosophy homeworks about the meaning of life. There is a certain irony to that.


  2. We are at odds again. I really like this photo, his pose in the green jacket, his expression, and I haven’t liked many of the other woolly corduroy Vanyas. Hope all is well with you too .


    • yeah — it’s the same photographer on all of them and I find this aesthetic really annoying. Well, as jadedrabbit said, he has nice blue eyes.

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  3. My biggest issue with pictures of him from many photo shoots is that they have filtered, or photoshopped the hell out out of them. They remove every flaw, or wrinkle to the extent that it either looks like a bad facelift, or skin that’s not real. Either way, the real beauty, and character of his face has been removed. I know his wrinkles, where the enlarged pores are, and the areas under his beard where the skin tends to become red or inflamed. I bet most of his fans do. He’s 48 years old. Why do they feel the need to put out pictures that don’t even look like him? That’s bad enough. What breaks my heart is that a man who used to know that dirt, sweat, blood, and shadows somehow flattered his looks now has been convinced by seeing himself altered into a poor imitation of his former self so often, now feels the need to do the same thing to his own selfies.
    Sorry for the lengthy rant.

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  4. I actually like that first picture, a bit of romantic fantasy Richard. 🙂


  5. IMDB had an old b/w photo of Richard on The Stranger page now it shows one from this photo shoot I wonder if that was his decision.

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