I am mourning along with all of Germany (presumably). This is what happens when politicians bait and bait and bait people. Eventually someone responds. It’s happening in the U.S., too. Is this really the world we want to leave our posterity?

~ by Servetus on February 20, 2020.

8 Responses to “Hanau”

  1. I remember looking at the tv on September 11th. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. I cried. Because I was afraid that the world my child would be born into was not a good place to be.


    • (: A midwife told me that this day, for hours, no parturient gave birth at the maternity. They were flabbergasted. Also, the doctors made the decision to turn off the televisions.


    • I remember having a discussion with my then significant other a few weeks after that day — are we going to say “that was the day everything went wrong”? We’re both historians so we said, of course not, it’s a longer term story — but it definitely sticks in the memory as a turning point.


  2. Sadly not all of Germany but the better part of the country.
    Thank you

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