I just want to dive into that sweater

~ by Servetus on February 24, 2020.

12 Responses to “I just want to dive into that sweater”

  1. Oh yes, me too and fantastic news that there nay be a tv version of the Jackman and Evans thrillers by Joy Ellis! 😃

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    • I didn’t enjoy the one audiobook in the series i listened to, so I can’t get on that train, but I do love this sweater. I wonder if it’s the same one he wore in the photoshoot that he did to inaugurate the audiobook series.

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  2. It’s goodwill. You really want to Do that 😜


  3. And indeed:


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    • 🙂 Les vêtements troqués détrônent, supplantent de plus en plus ceux qui sont achetés. Pure laine de mouton tricotée main, pour ce pullover et ses chaussettes (cf jambes dénudées), il est totalement dans la peau de ce médecin , homme des bois jusque dans les vêtements. Il ressemble aux médecins de campagne que je côtoie journalièrement.


    • I love that he seems to prefer a charity shop jumper to his designer gear… Haven’t been a massive fan of the rustic look on him so far, but I could get behind this one. (Or “into” this one, as you put it in your headline.)


  4. Sounds like he has a bit of a cold, poor dear.


  5. Great title, Servetus! Perfekter Einstieg ….of course to snuggle up close …;-)


  6. Aw I really loved this… he is so comfortable and playful! And yes, I like the sweater, although I love the hair and beard more!


  7. Why wasn’t this longer?
    I hope you’re alright, Servetus?


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