And again I remind you: insanely sexy

~ by Servetus on February 27, 2020.

12 Responses to “And again I remind you: insanely sexy”

  1. Who needs reminding


  2. Who needs reminding


  3. Bella figura in a waistcoat 👍🏻

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  4. Holy God… he is perfect in jeans…


  5. Yes, definitely sexy. He usually looks good in a waistcoat 😊 Can’t wait ’til 14 March!

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  6. He so suits a waistcoat, I just want to wrap myself round it with him inside.

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  7. That first one striding across the stage- may God gave mercy on my soul


  8. I could add : “more and more damned naturally acting”


  9. What a waste if he was hidden behind the camera , please let him combine both careers, it would be criminal if he didn’t.

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  10. Ditto all of the above! He’s stunning.


  11. Tried to remember all the scenes these were taken from. Went to see it twice this week, special trip to London (again) to see him live on stage. And you, Servetus, inspired me to see it more than once 🙂 no regrets, of course!!!


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