Can’t say I’m not relieved for everyone

and sad for fellow fans who didn’t make it there, and amazed at how lucky I was.

~ by Servetus on March 16, 2020.

6 Responses to “Can’t say I’m not relieved for everyone”

  1. I am hoping they will resume it after this is over. Dearly hoping.


  2. I am also one of the fortunate ones and I feel for those, who were planning and were looking forward to the experience I was lucky enough to have!

    Also, the day I left London, February 26th, I woke up next morning to the news that the first C virus case had reached my country! For a few hours there was a chance that I had shared a coach space with the infected person, on a bus from Riga to Tallinn, but mine departed 2h later! So close!


    • I’m glad you weren’t on that same bus and said a little prayer for everyone who was. We were all so lucky, all of us who went.


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