I guess this is supposed to be charming

~ by Servetus on March 27, 2020.

12 Responses to “I guess this is supposed to be charming”

  1. I read he’s recording another book. He gets to work from home as well. How are you and your father going? Haven’t seen a post in a while? Or do I just now have too much time on my hands?


    • I’m mostly too tired at night — all of my classes are now fully online and setting them up and holding and grading discussions takes forever. I do try to stay in the discussions at a few of my favorite blogs.

      Probably most people have too much time on their hands — I’m sure he feels that way, too. I’m just wildly ambivalent about celebrities posting stuff on their social media in response to this situation; haven’t yet seen one that I enjoyed or thought was worthwhile.


      • Well there was James Blunt promissing not to sing online. That made me giggle. I am glad you and your father are alright. Take good care of yourself. I need your common sense in this fandom.

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  2. I would never have noticed it was a toilet if he hadn’t felt the need to point it out. I’m sure Dr Freud would have something to say about his obsession with toilets and whilst I’m not a huge fan of Freud it is one of those times when I wish RA wasn’t on social media because it tells me something about him I don’t want to know.

    I chortled at the James Blunt tweet too Vanessa – JB is brilliant on Twitter. Worryingly I also found myself liking two of Piers Morgan’s tweets this week, proving the world really has gone to hell in a hand cart.

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  3. Apparently bathrooms have the best acoustics!! We have to do what we got to do to get through these difficult days. I work in a grocery store as a cashier, and today the “spit” guards were up this morning. Such a different way of doing business. Please everyone, stay home if you can and if not follow all the rules about hygiene and social distancing. We get through this together.

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  4. I hadn’t even recognized it as a bathroom.


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