COVID-19 prophylaxis with Richard Armitage

~ by Servetus on April 3, 2020.

25 Responses to “COVID-19 prophylaxis with Richard Armitage”

  1. LOL! Excellent!


  2. Ha ha, thanks for bring a little Armitage warmth to the crisis (he was in the vanguard when he attempted social distancing at RD5, and I think he did have a cold). You got me thinking about RA in masks, his Dolarhyde stocking cap wouldn’t be very effective but maybe his RH assassin outfit in the Holy Land would provide some protection.


  3. 😊 Thanks for these graphic reminders 😃 They say that adding visuals to the message makes it much more memorable 😂

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  4. Haha, nice one! Perfectly illustrates the rules.


    • There’s a certain irony to advertising for social distancing with a topless Armitage … but I’m all about the irony.


  5. I wonder the rest of my health and safety team at the physical office would agree to have these posted? Yeah, maybe not. I should just post them in my home office. For my eyes only. Course I might not actually get any work done….


  6. Great way for common people education!


  7. This is hilarious, Servetus!


  8. LOL ❤


  9. Love it! stay safe everyone.


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