Interesting piece on the future of (West End, British) theater


~ by Servetus on May 12, 2020.

6 Responses to “Interesting piece on the future of (West End, British) theater”

  1. Truthfully I don’t think it will go back to the way it was. Who wants to go to big concerts? I don’t think a lot of them will be able to be planned. Not a city in The Netherlands will agree to those anymore. Sitting in a full theatre with a hundred Strangers? Perhaps I am the voice of doom. But I think this pandemic has marked the end of an era.

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    • I was just thinking about my own price model for doing this, assuming I thought it was safe — I fly to London, and have to self-quarantine for two weeks (per current gov’t plans). I have friends there but I doubt any of them want me for two weeks. Then I spend a week going to the theatre. Then I fly home and have to self-isolate again (per current state recommendations). So five weeks? Of which three in a hotel? That adds at least a thousand pounds to the straight costs, even in the cheapest hotel, plus who has five weeks of vacation in the US? It’s just not going to be feasible to make a quick foreign trip anymore.


      • That true. Not right now anyway. Maybe two or three years from now.
        It will take time for the ticket prices to come back down to recover some of what was lost in this time.

        My plans of traveling to Europe with my daughter and seeing the English theater in all it’s glory will not be happening any time soon.


  2. Oh my. It is so sad. This makes my heart hurt reading it. While reading I could only see Richard Armitage’s message in my mind’s eye being played on repeat about the theaters being reopened. I hope we do.

    I was looking forward to taking my 7 year old to the theater for the first time this Christmas.
    I want her to see and feel the magic it brings. She is at that age where she still believes in magic and innocence and I want that for her and her brothers.

    I should say thank you for your blog. It is really wonderful reading all your insightful ponderings in all things Richard Armitage and giving him a human side. Also for welcoming all the views of others. I’m always late to these things, even though he came into my orbit years ago, but parenting took hold.

    We’ve been watching RH and Cbeebies. I do think Richard was the best of the lot, even of the modern readers. I’m not being biased. Really.
    I loved him in The Stranger and anything else I can find. The Hobbit is in my cineplex library and the first movie has been watched 10 times.
    4 times yesterday before it expired last night.
    I think my daughter has fallen in lo e with RA as well.
    I hope I do a wonderful job of raising my children, my boys especially to be as rounded and talented and give them every chance possible to succeed.

    Can I say how I love his voice and melts when he sings. Thank God for spotify and YouTube.
    I know I’ve gone off topic. Sorry. Just to say thank you and all the other bloggers and commenters and I do believe that the theater will rise again and with a hunger more than before because of what was lost.
    Just like the earth and us, it just needed to time to renew itself.

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to more.


    • I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this. I’m glad you enjoy the blog, and welcome to the world of people who’ve crushed on Armitage!

      Who knows what will happen by Christmas? I say that without prejudice. I don’t think we will have a vaccine by then but they have made some other discoveries.


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