Richard Armitage to read Chekhov short stories

Here. I wonder if it’s from the recent new translation into English. Here’s the translator on his work, and here’s a sample translation of “At the Post Office” (1883; not included in Armitage’s reading).

~ by Servetus on May 18, 2020.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage to read Chekhov short stories”

  1. This looks fantastic. I love the illustration as well – super pic of RA. Hope it’s available in the UK too!


    • He’s looking all Astrovy. I could see myself buying this if it ever became available on audiodiscs.


  2. He’s looking gorgeously enigmatically Astrovy. It is available for pre-order on Audible UK – at the moment.


  3. No I can’t really either but I lost confidence with Audible after they released The Christmas Hireling with a different narrator in the UK – although we should be safe with Chekov as the stories are chosen by RA.


    • Yeah — that was a real dick move on their part. Did you find a way around it?

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      • It seems that Jennifer Saunders is a bigger pull over here, judging by the amount of publicity she had for The Stranger. Yes, I signed up to and downloaded his ‘Hirelings’ from there. I’m hoping to do the same for the Christies, although now Audible is under Amazon I suspect it won’t be so easy.


        • I think the issue is more that the Xmas things are free whereas the other stuff is paid. I can’t DL paid stuff from but i have been able to get free stuff.


          • Yes that makes sense and in fact I just tried to preorder onr from and was barred because of my address. I’m still determined to get hold of them, even if it involves buying a property in the US!


            • They make it SO hard. I got an Amazon gift card this spring as a gift and I decided to buy two of the audiobooks. Well, the historic speeches one is not available in the US (even via the page) and the Aurelius Meditations is only available in the US if I turn one click ordering on, which I really don’t want to do. And that’s after circumventing at least four attempts to insist that I get a subscription, which I really don’t want, even at the current discounted price.

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  4. Thank you for the link, I hope the stories read by Richard aren’t so brief however the cost is quite modest so I fear they maybe.
    After the debacle of the Agatha Christie novels I would have suspected that the Chekhov’s may have been a ‘sweetener’ if not for the vague feeling he may have mentioned them previously.


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