Bowing to the inevitable

~ by Servetus on May 29, 2020.

12 Responses to “Bowing to the inevitable”

  1. Oooh, that really is a pity!
    Mr Esther and I have missed the production of the Bowie musical Lazarus in Amsterdam and don’t when or if we’ll ever see it.

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    • I honestly suspect (although EJ lives to perform live) this is probably curtains for huge concerts like this for several years, and by that time he will probably not want to tour again. It’s okay. I’m not totally crushed. But this was the thing I promised myself last October when I was near despair and it seems like I’ve missed an important chance. Oh well.

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    • Oh I am sorry. At least your money back. I was looking into that but had to go alone…. hope you and your father are still healthy!


      • Ticketmaster has come under a lot of criticism for its policies these last few months, so I was relieved to hear about a refund as well. I assumed I’d get some kind of credit for a future Ticketmaster event, which wasn’t that interesting to me.


  2. Sad and yay! It’s awfully nice that they’re giving refunds! We had a 5K that was supposed to happen in April. No refunds. They rescheduled it for July. Uff da. That’s going to be warm.


  3. Oh what a shame. A close friend saw him when he was in Philly and said it was amazing but he mostly sat behind the piano. Fingers crossed he might rethink that this was his farewell tour because of these cancellations.


    • It would be nice — but he’s 73 now and even the most optimistic timelines for a vaccine would make him 75 or 76. And he canceled a bunch of his Australia dates due to pneumonia. I guess there are some DVDs of his concerts — maybe I can check one of those out.

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  4. Too bad. I know you were looking forward to the experience. With refunds being given, it sounds like he may not decide to tour again, even if/when it is possible. I had bought tickets to see Matchbox Twenty in September and was excited about that. (It’s the band of my secondary crush, Rob Thomas, when he’s not doing his solo work.) They’re not giving refunds yet, although the September date has been cancelled. Maybe one day they will continue the tour.


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