To hope or not to hope

Yes, I realize this is a first world problem. I think he’s handling it really well. A lot of people could use that money now. It’s hard for me to believe there will be any concert dates on this scale in this calendar year, though.

~ by Servetus on June 2, 2020.

8 Responses to “To hope or not to hope”

  1. It sad that you will not be able to go at this time or really who knows when in the future. I think that it is a nice thing that he is letting people get refunds at this time. I know of one other band to cancel and give refunds and that’s Bon Jovi. They had a hard time with who ever was handling their tickets but finally let them cancel at this time to give refunds. So many acts have postponed but that does not give the ticket holder the option to a refund just another date that at this time don’t seem will happen.

    I have never been to a concert as my parents didn’t want to listen to anything other than christian music (my big rebel there). My husband don’t like crowds and never asked him if he like to go plus we where not into the same music for many years. I was thinking the other day I may never get to see a concert in my lifetime with the virus ( maybe not true but sure feels like it at this time).


    • Deep Dark Secret: I have never gone to a concert like this, either (I have been to the symphony and opera many times): a big rock concert. My parents would not have let me go either and somehow I just never fell into a crowd of people who’d do it. (And honestly: the price is kind of horrifying. I totally get why people want their tickets reimbursed asap.)

      Some of the questions has to do with the ticket seller. Ticketmaster (who sold the EJ tix) is notoriously bad on this question. They also make booking tix in the first place insanely complicated. One reason to keep the ticket for now, frankly, is that I liked the seat and it took me something like two hours to buy it in the first place. Who’d want to go through that again?


      • That makes it even more sad for you. I do hope that in the end you will be able to go. That’s a long time wait to buy tickets. The closes thing that I have been big was to see the Nutcracker in Bristol, England with my friend and her parents who got the tickets. They got box tickets and I really enjoyed the evening. My 2nd son did too. I was seven months pregnant with him at the time. Every time I played the Nutcracker he would be moving so much, it was like he was dancing the ballet. Maybe that’s why he wanted to learn to play the violin.


  2. I finally watched the movie. So amazed by all the things I didn’t know. Watching it made me want to see him perform live. Unlikely, but the film was moving. Thanks for encouraging me to see it.


    • Keeping in mind that it’s not a historical film, of course — yeah. You learn a lot from it on several levels. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was also what made me want to see him live.

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  3. This may have been the most mis-timed post ever. Just after I posted this I learned that the President had had protestors outside the White House teargassed.


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