If you pray, please pray for us

700 soldiers from US 82nd Airborne are now in waiting at Joint Base Andrews (used to be called Andrews AFB), armed, in riot gear, and equipped with bayonets. 1400 more soldiers are just behind them. There is a large crowd in front of the White House, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband.

~ by Servetus on June 3, 2020.

7 Responses to “If you pray, please pray for us”

  1. Oh no, oh no, oh no! My thoughts are with you…


  2. Putting out fire with gasoline, comes to mind, rather than pouring oil on troubled waters. My thoughts are with you.


    • It was apparently a lot worse than we realized; most of the federal police forces in DC were activated last night, too (it’s in a special category because it’s not a state). Thank heavens the protests remained peaceful overall. It could have been a bloodbath.

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  3. Don’t really know what to say really. Been thinking of you and everyone in the US actually and hoping that there is some way to de-escalate this, but i don’t really see solutions 😦 Other than you know, his physical disappearance 😦 It frightens me even more that voting will be impaired to the unwillingness and barriers put up for mail voting as well. Having experienced dictatorship i guess i have a very bleak view of the whole evolution and the outcomes since people don’t really seem aware enough of the consequences in my opinion. Never mind the negative impact this will all have on infection rates and deaths and so on… I don’t say much myself these days as i don’t feel i have much positive to add to the conversation and on this subject in particular it’s not my place to say, but listen.

    Hope you and yours are safe and i really really pray democracy will prevail.. hugs x


    • I think the problem now is that he has so polarized people around his specific persona that it’s hard to see how there wouldn’t be huge riots no matter what happens, i.e., normally in a situation like this he’d lose an election, and there would be the usual peaceful transfer of power and he’d go on to live the life of an ex-president in the US, which usually involves a period of silence about contemporary politics and work with a think tank or non-profit or university. First of all, if Trump loses the election there will be violence like we’ve never seen around a presidential election here. But second, there’s no way he will follow the informal rules for an ex-president. So in the best case scenario we can count on this poison continuing to proliferate for at least the next generation.

      I think white people in the US have to be very judicious in terms of what we say out of respect for our African American brothers and sisters. They should be taking the lead and we should be actively supporting them. We need to inform ourselves, donate, support the right political candidates, volunteer in organizations with Black leadership.


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