Exhaling – a nothing nowhere post

[I wrote this Monday]

I submitted my grades on May 23, and tomorrow morning I can take dad’s taxes to his accountant. Whew.

Not that there’s not a lot of other stuff to do (there is. including my own taxes, which will not take me two weeks to figure out) but I think none of it’s especially time sensitive and more importantly, none of it is likely to trigger dad as much as the taxes have / will.

[and now it’s Wednesday]

[and now it’s Thursday]

and I vowed I would return to blogging today. I have a list of important things I’d like to discuss but apparently not enough concentration so this is not any of those. I think I’m feeling overwhelmed by the momentous nature of the days we are living through. I will eventually write something about that. I realize it’s a tremendous luxury not to have to write about these things.

For now, here’s just a random list of things that I have thought lately that have no relationship to anything truly significant.

1. People are less interested in eating rhubarb than they used to be.

2. As with junk, the amount of anxiety expands to fill the space available.

3. If you don’t mow your lawn for all of May in an attempt to support the honeybees, the carnage when you do mow will be stupendous.

4. I did buy the Chekhov short stories today, and it only took me forty-five minutes to figure out that I wasn’t allowed to use my amazon gift card to do so. I finally went ahead and signed up for their summer deal, and wrote a big orange post-it to remind myself to cancel. Why do they have to make it so hard to just buy the f***king item? Have I mentioned lately how much I *hate* audible.com? I’m going to have to wait a few days to let my anger over this situation subside before I try to listen to it.

5. On the positive side, there is some good Bagginshield brewing right now (for those who like Bagginshield). Here are four stories, WIPs that are updating pretty regularly, that I look forward to, if you’re into that kind of thing. Do read the tags and warnings.

6. Per an email from the National Theatre, one of their future streams will be Yaël Farber’s acclaimed production of Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs. I did not catch the dates, though.

7. On the topic of theatre, Claire Foy and Matt Smith are reprising their roles in a socially distanced version of Lungs for Old Vic. There is a handful of tickets left (here). The demand was huge — I was looking yesterday noonish and was person #15384 in the queue (just out of curiosity, I didn’t necessarily want to see it). I wonder if this would a somewhat sustainable model going forward, at least until people can go to theatres again.

8. This morning I ate a socially distanced breakfast at (outside of) a restaurant (order ahead by phone, arrive, eat, leave — waitstaff in mask and gloves). I’ve spent so much time inside the first half of this year that I almost didn’t know what to do. Also: usually I experience the transitions to spring and summer in classrooms so I see what the young people are wearing and take note. I missed all that this year and so suddenly seeing all these people with bare legs and arms: I was a bit shocked!

9. Do you ever feel like you badly need a good cry, but you’re afraid to cry?

OK. So there’s some stuff. More blogging to follow. I have to take dad to a socially distanced visitation tomorrow and hopefully I can get my brains together again after that.

~ by Servetus on June 12, 2020.

15 Responses to “Exhaling – a nothing nowhere post”

  1. I Think I want to scream more than cry. I also really hate waiting in line for stuff. Good to see a post from you. Take care.

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    • Glad you’re still here. I imagine if you started to scream there’d be a risk you’d never stop, too.


  2. Just… (((hugs)))

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  3. Good to hear from you, Serv. I hope you get a bit of breather now that the grading is done.


    • I’m guessing I won’t be offered any classes through the fall and possibly through the next AY. So a big breather from grading.


  4. Dr Servetus est de retour. Je suis heureuse de retrouver votre style d’écriture. Je me lassais de lire mes vulgaires traductions.
    Sujet développé aujourd’hui: “Je déteste encore plus les resquilleurs, depuis mon séjour au Japon”.
    Se faufiler dans une queue, passer avant son tour dans une file d’attente m’est devenu insupportable.
    Ce fut encore le cas ce midi, chez le garagiste- concessionnaire, un jeune trentenaire bon-chic-bon-genre: BCBG a doublé sans scrupule les 3 “anciens” (55 + 60 + 70 ans). Je n’ai pas pleuré, j’aurais pu crier, hurler mais j’ai juste protesté auprès des 4 personnes spoliées qui respectueuses des consignes Covid et surtout respectueuses d’autrui attendaient leur tour. Une mamie plus courageuse que moi, lui a rapporté mes propos quand il est reparti. Naturellement il a nié. Finalement, je suis arrivée en retard au travail.


    • Your translations were interesting!

      We went to our first F2F funeral / visitation today. What an adventure (/sarcasm). People either don’t know how to behave correctly in the current situation or won’t. Very frustrating.


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