Here’s a new interview

Warning: skip straight to the interview, the first twenty minutes in particular are brain-cell-killing. He’s around one hour ten minutes in. Here.

~ by Servetus on June 12, 2020.

12 Responses to “Here’s a new interview”

  1. Ah, cheers for the time stamp! Keeping this one until tomorrow.


    • Thewlis could potentially be interesting but the first twenty minutes … this, to me, is why people shouldn’t do podcasts. They have a ton of in jokes that only they could possibly find funny, and there’s nothing to stop them from going on and on and on …

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  2. Interesting interview. Is it me or did his voice sound a bit husky like he needed to clear his throat? Also that his accent is becoming more Continental?


    • I thought the acoustics were dead, generally. And accent — I listened to that D-Day narration he did a few days ago and thought he is definitely not trying as hard on that whole cut-glass accent thing as he used to.


  3. So he is in NY, then…Interesting. Absolutely agree with the first part of the podcast. Who should listen to that stuff?
    But the interview was quite nice. I tend to believe him being not too afraid of aging. And again the self description as an introvert. Hewitt and he don’t have the same sense of humour.


    • I was a bit surprised he was in NYC, too — I assumed he’d stay in London and stay off germ-ridden planes.

      I enjoyed the interview but I agree — interviewer and interviewee were not on the same page in this one. I hope he’s not afraid of aging (there were indications of that earlier). He’s a pretty youthful almost-50, after all. And if he’s decided for himself he’s not going to pay so much attention to having the perfect body, good for him!


    • Thanks to Servetus for posting this wonderful interview! RA is a pleasure to listen to as usual. (So is the Chekhov audiobook.)

      Though it is possible, I am doubtful that RA is in New York. I was in London in mid-March and saw Uncle Vanya on March 12 (and loved it). By March 16 the West End theaters were closed, and the US had shut down entry by non-US-nationals from the UK, and also imposed a 14-day quarantine for all returnees. I was lucky to be able to return to the US on March 18! Perhaps RA somehow jumped over those hurdles, especially if he has a green card, but why would he go to NY if there were hopes/plans of resuming performances of the play? At that time nobody had any idea how long the lockdown would last.


      • In January of 2017 he tweeted that he was a legal permanent resident of the US (and then deleted it later). So I assume he would not have had a problem entering / re-entering. I can’t imagine he thought there were hopes of resuming the play in the short term, though. There’s what people think, and what they will say. The original run of the play was ending the first week of May.


  4. Thank you for sharing that. It was very interesting. I am glad to hear that he ia well and still hard at work. Cant wait to hear more of his audio books.

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  5. I like their podcasts if only they didn’t ramble so much at the beginning. And this was a double treat because I’m currently watching David in Barkskins. I’m kinda pleased he’s enjoying audiobooks as much as I love listening to them. I did say back in the quiet years as long as he keeps doing audiobooks I’ll be happy. Perhaps he heard me 🤣 this was a fun interview, i thought you’d be analyzing it more 😇


    • Sorry it took me so long to reply to this.

      Analysis has kind of gone out of fashion in Armitageworld. Part of it was probably the surfeit of news during the Hobbit years but a lot of it has to do with a turn toward feeling. People want to write (and read) about how they feel about these interviews, and that has made analysis hard (esp if you point out any facts).

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