Castlevania writer Warren Ellis accused of sexual misconduct

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~ by Servetus on June 21, 2020.

9 Responses to “Castlevania writer Warren Ellis accused of sexual misconduct”

  1. So many toxic cultures in various industries. Is there a way to move away from the old boys power clubs? Presumably there must be some honourable men out there. But we keep hearing these stories of how power corrupts, or is it that it allows corrupt people to flourish?


    • It’s a bit of both I guess. Not a lot of people can handle power.

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    • Both probably. But what seems clear is that even a LITTLE power corrupts. To be honest, I didn’t think after watching Castlevania that Warren Ellis is a very self-aware or self-critical thinker. He may be the kind of person who thinks he should get what he wants.

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      • I see a lot of that sort of entitlement. I heard my neighbours Say they will be going on holiday abroad and travel around because they deserve a vacation. Hello? Still people dying out there? And a lot of men think that when they want a woman they deserve to get her. We’ve all been there ladies. The rude sexual remarks. The groping. The so called innocent jokes. I swear if it’s not about my colour it’s about my boobs. Men trying to get what they want in any way they can. Sadly I’ve seen women do it too. I am trying to raise my sons right but sometimes the environment is toxic

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  2. Ugh… not another man like that… so many of them out there. Good question Sue had about whether power corrupts or the system allows corrupt people to flourish.

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  3. Castlevania is the one show I’ve enjoyed out of RCA’s recent projects. I’ve heard of Warren Ellis as one of our local comic makers look(ed? past tense hopefully) to him, but not really familiar with his work. But after getting over the shock factor of season 3, I thought that I wasn’t going to like the direction it was taking. I didn’t like how two characters (one is of the few POC) was treated, and it annoys me how people say there’s representation in the show without understanding how they are written. I probably should’ve seen this as a red flag, but I decided to find comfort in fix-it fics and headcanons of another friend in the fandom. I am a little disappointed that the producers/animators of the show have been quiet about it (to think the other producer was “bullied” by WE when he purposely made him cry with the script of the last two episodes of season 3. It might have been just banter but now I read it differently.)

    So many of these monsters are coming to light and that’s good. I hope this is another step in dismantling a toxic system. I know this isn’t going to change everything soon, but I do hope more people in their industry stand up to the vulnerable.

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    • Sorry it took me a while to reply to this. I think a lot of stuff that people are going to explain away as “just a joke” has probably been damaging to creatives for a long time and I really do hope that stuff comes to light now. I hadn’t watched S2 or S3 but now I will watch specifically for representation issues. Maybe that’s something that fans can actually effect.

      Ellis has a reputation for being brusque / rude. I hope it can be communicated that that’s no longer appropriate.

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