Finally, someone’s put the Cumberbatch skeptics in context

I wrote about them here. There’s an article about them in The Atlantic today.

~ by Servetus on July 13, 2020.

15 Responses to “Finally, someone’s put the Cumberbatch skeptics in context”

  1. Wow. I wasn’t aware of this but I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. There are some strange people out there, many of which seem to have too much time on their hands. Get a life, people.

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    • I’m certainly vulnerable to the criticism of spending too much time on fandom. What interested me about this topic was (a) the level of denial / cognitive error necessary to sustain the belief that Cumberbatch’s children aren’t real and (b) the way talking about it polarizes people.

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      • I think time spent on fandom can be very therapeutic and goodness me, you of all people need a good distraction from your situation. When the RA fandom turns nasty I just switch off. In general however I’ve found it nothing but supportive. But yes, the level of denial in this case is astonishing.

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  2. I often agree with your opinions on assorted RA topics, but I don’t comment much when I do. I thought you would think I was just being a “yes man” type. In addition, you generally cover subjects so thoroughly there is nothing for me to add. Your fault for being such a good writer.


    • Please don’t feel like you need to comment! We’re all insanely busy.


      • True, but sometimes a little affirmation can go a long way. Hope all is well with you. The depths of Cumberbatch conspiracies are amusing. I had no idea there was Still a “thing” with his fake children. I wonder if other people in public eye experience this. Glad I am still not on Twitter.


        • Apparently, the charge that celebs are hiding a surrogate is fairly common. (I don’t know why this matters, as long as the celeb in question isn’t claiming she has a perfect post-baby body due to insane exercise routines or whatever.)

          I appreciate whenever you’re here 🙂


  3. What an disturbing but interesting read, thanks!


    • It kind of astounded me that it’s still going on, but I looked at those tumblrs and they’re still there and publishing. BC now has a third child (I guess; I mean, I assume it’s a real child).

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  4. Good lord. People are f-ed up.


    • It’s interesting to me how it appears in retrospect — I wrote about almost four years ago, when it had been going on for about two years — so I guess you can say there’s ten years of it now.


  5. This was interesting. Thank you for introducing me to “Occam’s razor”.


  6. Wow… I wasn’t aware of this either…


    • I think you wouldn’t be unless you were a very dedicated BC fan or a reader of the super unreliable segment of the gossip media.

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