Still haven’t seen it {!} no time, no time

Armitage running around with his eyebrows knit.

~ by Servetus on July 17, 2020.

8 Responses to “Still haven’t seen it {!} no time, no time”

  1. It’s worth the time if you can find it!

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  2. The review pretty much captures my reaction. The story from the book was already hard to believe, but the series added some additional crazy plot twists. If you can get past that, the production value and a lot of Richard on screen make for good entertainment.

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  3. I’m teaching a class right now that I have never taught before in 7 week accelerated format (American National Government). But I’ll be unemployed until at least January on August 24th. So I’m mentally penciling it in for that space.

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  4. Why not?!!! 😲
    I’ve watched a thousand times… 😍🤣


    • All spring I taught four classes online that I had only been face to face before, as well as being the fulltime caretaker for my father with dementia. Then at the point at which I had some free time, I got an assignment to teach a class I had not taught before at all, exclusively on line. And the US government is falling apart and politics is important to me. So no, I didn’t prioritize watching a mid-rated streaming only TV series when the only opportunity I’d have to watch it is on a laptop screen after my father goes to bed.


      • I also still haven’t seen it because no time at all! Since the lockdown began in March my total leasure time was about the length of one film I watched during the Easter holidays and one novel I read…and it feels like everyone else is talking about how bored they are and how many TV-Series they binge-watched and what kind of cakes they are baking – starting to get on my nerves… while I try to juggle two jobs mostly from home where I have much less desk space compared to the office and also doing the grocery shopping for 5-7 other people, some of whom were afraid to go out because of too many “horror-headlines” and trying to help friends who were hit hard by the measures taken by the government. Chapeau to you Servetus, for ploughing on through all the work on top of caring for your father all the time! (Ich kann leider sehr gut nachvollziehen, warum die Nerven langsam blank liegen…)


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