I guess it’s true that everyone succumbs to conspiracy thinking eventually

~ by Servetus on July 20, 2020.

16 Responses to “I guess it’s true that everyone succumbs to conspiracy thinking eventually”

  1. WTF?!?!?!

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  2. Eyeroll

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  3. Yawn. What is he tweeting that for?

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  4. A nous rendre dépressif!
    Dans quel monde imaginaire vit-il?
    En tout cas pas le mien. Il est préférable de garder la tête froide et les pieds sur terre, par les temps qui courent.

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  5. Reality is much worse than this, but they’ll never make a film about it:

    We get the leaders we deserve. If evil geniuses are running our government (etc., etc.) it’s because WE voted for them or created the climate in which others have done so.

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  6. he needs to change his Twitter bio to ‘tweet as I say, not as I do’

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    • LMAO!

      so of course there are people saying “there are all kinds of theories about this virus” in response to him. Uch.

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      • his Twitter persona irritates the hell out of me. I was so mad yesterday when I saw this tweet. like way to show a good example there Richard, tweet sarcastic conspiracy theories, while your pinned tweet says we need to be nice and supportive of each other. I guess what he really means is that we need to be nice and supportive of him.
        (I’m also mad that the one time I break my resolve and tweet a celebrity, it’s to reprimand him 🙄 )

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        • taking one for the team, there, KellyDS. Seriously.

          Twitter makes him look so stupid. I mean, even I don’t think he’s quite this dumb. And yeah, if you’re going to talk the talk you should walk the walk.

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  7. Ode to Conspiracy Theories

    In a world that is increasingly dreary,
    Celebrate the conspiracy theory.
    Though often amusing,
    They can be confusing.
    There are so many.
    You see.
    Conspiracies to the right of me,
    Conspiracies to the left of me.
    How many can there be?
    Thank heaven for Twitter,
    It is the greatest,
    Check it out often,
    To uncover the latest.

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    • Hilarious! What’s your favorite conspiracy theory?

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      • Tough guestion. I would have to choose between the stupidest, funniest , farthest out there. I will go with stupidest, heard on radio. Brittany Spears (under a conservator ship for years) is sending messages to her fans via embroidery on her baseball caps. Hard to beat this one.

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        • OMG, anything Brittany Spears. I think the whole “I’m forced to be silent but I’m sending you signals with my clothing thing” is fascinating — has been discussed w/r/t the Queen and Melania Trump.

          I’m also increasingly entertained by chemtrails.

          And now of course we have “Epstein was murdered in jail.”

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    • That’s a masterpiece, Kathy!


  8. Yeah… I think maybe cabin fever is settling in for the man?

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