More An Le

~ by Servetus on July 31, 2020.

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  1. I might be biased, but I do like these. The trousers with the tracksuit concept is different.
    I suppose these were taken within the last two months since he’s been back to New York?
    So post Uncle Vanya hair. I love the colour of the hair.
    He does seem slimmer than in the videos posts he made.
    Again biased as I love them.


    • The last one anyway is from a series we saw earlier in the year (January ish, I believe), all by An Lee.

      The first one (I think we’ve also seen ones from that series before) seems contrived to me. I like the one where all we see is his hand on the newspaper a lot. I’m mildly positive on the one where he’s standing in the middle of the intersection.


      • The shooting must’ve taken place in late Oktober/early November 2019.


      • Yes.
        I actually saw the rest of the series afterwards and realized it would have been from late last year.

        Love the ones from today’s post though especially when he’s laughing. The side profile in the sweat shirt makes me miss the slight curve at the end of his nose. Oh well.


        • he may be undertaking ongoing nose maintenance. There’s been at least one intervention in the past, possibly two.


          • It does look that way. Hopefully it’s out of necessity. For some ongoing tweaking has resulted in terrible looks.
            I also thinks it looks different at times example as Adam Price in The Stranger, it looked drastically thinner and shorter and then in the videos done in the past months it looked different again.
            It’s his body but I do wish he would be more comfortable with it. I grew into my lips and nose even though I hated it growing up. I know it don’t need it for my work, but his nose added something more to his features, at least for me.


            • he also had some kind of Hobbit-related accident (possibly self-inflicted) that involved the bridge of his nose, iirc. One reason there have been so many arguments about this issue is that the different angles do make it hard to tell.


              I think a lot of people have shared your sadness that he was apparently so self-conscious about his appearance (also teeth, apparently, and some people have occasionally charged that he was botoxing). It’s hard to come to terms with not loving one’s own body immediately — I share your struggle.


              • The teeth especially the lower ones have been fixed. I’m happy he did that. Hopefully no botox. It wasn’t evident to me any way. His nose makes him look more like his mom now. He’s aging wonderfully.
                I guess I should wish that he gets to the point soon of just loving who he is, physical flaws (according to him and Hollywood) and just be happy. Life is too short .
                Thanks for talking with me.

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  2. I like them a lot. He looks beautiful in them. The coffee cup bothers me more than it should though and maybe that’s why if feels contrived? I’m guessing the photographer was going for a timeless look but the cup is immediately problematic – it’s a household cup which seems out of place on the street but a takeaway cup or a keep cup would have time stamped the photo. To be honest I would rather have seen more of RAs face and left the cup at home.

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  3. A paper cup you would buy, but an actual mug?! Has anyone tried zooming in on the newspaper to see a date? I don’t think I am computer savvy enough to do that. Purpose, to determine when the picture was taken. Where can you see the rest of series of pictures? Servetus, hope all is well with you and your Dad. Stay safe everyone. Thanks.


  4. I got lost in the blue eyes 😊

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