I guess he got a lot of hits

~ by Servetus on August 4, 2020.

10 Responses to “I guess he got a lot of hits”

  1. The one with the smile is nice

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    • I feel like that’s retro for Armitage (if that makes any sense) — it’s the face he puts on when Lorraine interviews him?

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      • lol Lorraine I can take. As long as the American with the lots of hair (what was her name?) doesn’t show up again… 😉

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        • Marlise Boland.

          You know, your comment just made me think: part of the issue with that interview is that she so strongly brought out in him such a bitterly absurd, unsweet persona.

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          • Ah yes, that’s the one.

            I never could really say why I found it somewhat uncomfortable to watch but you might be on to something

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            • There was a particular fan who was so offended by that interview that she accused Boland of getting him drunk — felt it was so unrepresentative of him. I mostly had issues with her behavior and her interview style at the time, but I didn’t think as much about him. Hindsight …

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          • Which one of the interviews ?


            • It starts here —

              there were two further segments at that time, which are still on YT. Then she interviewed him again in 2015 around the premiere of the final Hobbit film — you should be able to find those on YT as well.


  2. Jesus…. 🤤🤒❤️

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