I can identify

~ by Servetus on August 5, 2020.

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  1. Loving his hair

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  2. I feel like Christmas came early and I was on Santa’s good list.

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  3. Because I am an awful person, I just have to wonder whether Lee Pace has also been photographed in this shirt.

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    • Me too.
      I have also been wondering if he looks at these and if they would consider a second chance.


      • I doubt it — the miniscule reliable info we had tended to suggest it was not an amicable parting. But what do I know?

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        • I understand. However, sometimes even under those circumstances, after a time people do come back together and last a lifetime.
          I guess they know what’s best for them. Hopefully.

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          • The people Pace is associating with (as far as one can tell from social media) these days don’t really seem like they’d fit well with what we know about Armitage. Pace’s new BF is more or less the anti-Armitage. He absolutely gives the impression he’s moved on (and so, I suppose, does Armitage although the evidence is much slimmer).

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            • I must say, I really don’t mind not having their business out and about. That turns me off the person no matter who they want to be with.
              I think that Lee may have allowed his BF to respond the way he did to prove a point to an ex as some persons tend to do. And think you had said Armitage had responded in kind with two theater tickets.
              Pace tends to be quiet these days as I believe he usually is and even in past speculated relationships, though photographed never said either way what the relationship was.

              This current BF does seem to be the opposite of not just Armitage, but others as they were all older. Same age or older than Armitage.

              Richard does say he’s happy now, though I wonder if it would have worked if he didn’t feel so strongly about protecting his parents, especially his Mum.
              Armitage is the best queer actor I’ve seem who seems attracted to the female characters he has worked with. Others even before they made their preferences public seemed lacking in their affections some how. It makes me wonder if he has at any point felt and been involved with a female. What do you think? Is he just that good of an actor to make us feel is attraction for someone?
              Oh well, as I know you don’t like analyzing or speculating about their private lives, I thank you again for responding.


              • I think there’s a lot of backstory on this blog that has disappeared from view as time has passed. It’s not so much that i don’t like analyzing or speculating, it’s that (a) to the extent that I ever did, I was punished really badly by parts of the fandom for doing so and (b) I felt like doing so became highly politicized — ideology was dominating the discussion and I am never really eager to facilitate that. So I am leery, maybe. I don’t usually discuss it out in the open. I also have lost more than one fan friend in process of having that discussion, even privately. Then again, I haven’t really thought about blogging about it since Armitage’s early 2020 revelations, either. As far as was he ever attracted to a woman — there’s that one infamous interview in which he said he was. In general I think sexuality as people live it is much more complicated than is generally admitted in the press, etc. I have had gay male friends who found very butch women attractive. I also think I read in a Dan Savage column at some point that there are some gay men who prefer to have sex with men but romantic relationships with women, because they don’t find men emotionally available enough. [shrugs]

                I really agree re: Armitage’s capacity to display attraction to women. For years, I’d think, geez, I know straight actors who can’t make themselves look that eager. There were blogs that sometimes analyzed his screen kisses and I think the general consensus was that even if they didn’t necessarily turn us on personally, there was no question that they were executed with apparent conviction.


  4. I don’t think about Lee Pace when I see these pictures, perhaps; I am still in denial!! I’ll hang onto my fantasies for awhile longer. But, lovely pics!

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    • it was sort of a major tenet of RichLee that they were supposedly wearing the same clothing, and two of the shirts were a lot like this one. Denim or denim weave with snaps on them. As I said at the time — maybe they just like the same shirts.


    • I like to think that RA is an equal opportunity person since it’s implied that he’s not only for the ladies.
      All I can think when I see his pictures or him in any media, was God surely did amazingly when Richard was made.


  5. I can’t take this hair
    it’s so sexy !!! 🤒

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