More on Charlotte Kirk

Today in Vulture. Supposedly it’s two separate exes who are extorting powerful men she’s had sex with (?) over these encounters. As the article says this is more interesting than any film currently in theaters and also that her fifteen minutes of fame haven’t (yet?) begun.

I dunno, I keep asking myself if Armitage is reading this stuff. Also given that this sort of thing (although not the exposure) is probably really common in the industry, what do you know about why anyone you’re acting with really got their job?

~ by Servetus on August 21, 2020.

8 Responses to “More on Charlotte Kirk”

  1. Eww! I don’t know. But what I can tell you is this. If I had to sleep with someone to get a job, I think I’d find another line of work.
    Or maybe she thinks that’s the only way to get her “15 minutes of fame.”


    • She’s a bit inscrutable in all of this. I read that she is on the autism spectrum, which may also complicate both her interactions with others and our interpretations of same.


  2. I’ve worked with several people who made me think: who ties your shoes in the morning? But they are not on my payroll and as long as they don’t get in my way… I am sure most ladies have been harassed in the work place. It was either my skin or my boobs. What doesn’t kill you…. I don’t know if he reads about the gossip. You think he cares?


    • I imagine to some extent it matters to him who runs the big studies, yes. Warner Bros. moreso than NBCUniversal. He’s worked for Warner Bros. repeatedly.


  3. I remember reading about this when it first came to light. The story reminds me so much of what we heard of Marilyn Munroe and her struggles.
    It’s unfortunate I think, that she as well as others, male and female may never be allowed to get the parts or job as they have to sleep with someone to get it or it’s given to someone who did.

    These people are vultures. It’s also in every area of society. Those who are the head who feel they can do whatever they want to others.
    I guess RA might be sticking more to independent films and stage if he feels grossed out by these things.


    • I hadn’t thought of it, but maybe it’s true. I imagine when the spoils to be distributed are smaller, perhaps the competition for them is less distasteful.


  4. I only skimmed through this because sexual politics like this make me feel sick. Ugh.


    • i feel that way as well, usually. I think in this case I’m interested because it opens up this facet of viewing the film (which I have seen so many times I am loathe to admit how many).

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