A few glasses in?


~ by Servetus on August 22, 2020.

10 Responses to “A few glasses in?”

  1. My first thought looking into that eye. Well, I was a few cups in this year for my 50th so all power to him.


  2. I love the photo though I would love to see it in colour too. Hiding something? (I’ve been staring at his neck and throat since he posted.)
    Great that he can celebrate. I just need one cup most time and then I’m all silly. Definitely not a drinker.

    I’d love to see him in his cups though and see which Armitage we would be blessed with.

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    • Neck and throat are mesmerizing.

      I used to be able to drink quite a bit, but now with the situation with dad I really can’t at all most of the time. And the tolerance I had built up from drinking more is completely gone now.

      I think we’d get giggly Armitage.

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      • 😊🤗
        It so wonderful to see I’m not alone.
        I’m always looking out for them, sometimes unconsciously. I like his blemishes.


      • I hope you take the time for self care. Would it be offensive to say I’ll keep you in my prayers? I remember reading your thoughts on that, though in regards to Richard.
        I hope you will get enough rest to enjoy each day as it comes. Best wishes to your Dad.


  3. Can I say that I love seeing those pores on his nose? Is that weird? I’m always looking for that pink on that left check, the mole on the back even in Hannibal, the scar on the forehead, and the pink mark on the right side of his neck. Okay. Done for now.
    Hope he had a wonderful day and maybe will do a whole week of celebrations.

    In 7 years that will be me and I hope to enjoy what I would have accomplished then and enjoy what comes.
    Looking forward to the rest of what he is venturing into. Thumper thumping. So excited.

    All the best for the coming week Servetus.


    • There are a LOT of people who keep track (or used to keep track) of the various skin blemishes. There used to be maps available. You are not alone. Those high resolution pictures we used to get from Spooks were amazing.

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