Desperate times call for desperate measures

Roundabout Theatre is doing its annual charity auction. Usually it’s a large variety of things, but the lots on offer this year are all (I think) virtual meet-and-greets or singing lessons with Roundabout alums, like Nathan Lane, Alan Cummings, Kristin Chenoweth, etc. Some propose cocktails. Most are thirty minutes long, are good for two to four people, and include guidelines such as no recording and appropriate behavior. The value is usually stated as up to $5,000 (US).

No Richard Armitage.  No Richard Armitage?!

A few years ago I jokingly thought about bidding on a charity auction for a dinner with Brendan Coyle. Even Armitage were an option, I somehow can’t see myself bidding on this one. A bit weird given what I’ve spent on two trips to London to see him on stage. I’ve always been torn over the split between seeing him work and meeting him personally (from the very beginning).

But I am certain we have fellow fans who could and would bid that amount for a half-hour conversation. I imagine it as a very weird situation. I’m not sure anymore what I’d even want to talk about.

If it were on offer and you had the money, would you spend up to $5,000 on a thirty minute conversation with Armitage? What cocktail would you drink? And if so, where would you start?

~ by Servetus on September 9, 2020.

13 Responses to “Desperate times call for desperate measures”

  1. I feel the same as you in general about meeting people whose art I admire. It is a weird, unbalanced interaction. You connect with pieces of them which is in their art, but they are strangers. I generally feel weird and uncomfortable in situations like that and try to avoid it.

    I’ve met artists in casual and professional settings, as clients and at concerts, and then I always pretend I don’t know who they are and talk to them like I would anybody. I much prefer that. Both because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable, (nor feed anyone’s ego,) and that also allows you to meet as two individuals for a short moment, rather than one as a monkey in a cage.

    I’ve been at a few signing sessions. Generally I’ve just said “thank you for the music” and not much more. Mostly they’ve just said thank you back. Sometimes artists themselves have struck up a conversation, and then it’s different.

    However I might actually not mind meeting RA, for some reason. I suppose it’s because while I’ve been totally caught by many of his portrayals, I’m not so intimidated by him as a person. And I don’t care so much about what he’d think of me. I imagine I’d talk to him about music. I want to know what he listens to, and give him some recommendations of my own. That’s about all you have time for in 30 min anyway. And it might be an enjoyable topic for both of us. But realistically, no, I’d never bid on something like that.


    • That’s a good place to start. “What are you listening to these days?” Or for me, “what are you reading?”

      Interesting question about whether one cares what he thinks of us. There have been a lot of tussles around that question over the years and it was so often an insult hurled by one fan against another (“he would be disgusted by you”). You kind of hope he could keep it together for 30 minutes before he turned off the Zoom and said “wow, that was weird!”

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  2. Nope I wouldn’t. Not even if they paid me to do it 😉
    Re cocktails for a nice talk: Tequila Sunrise or Zombie in the summer, a nice hot Ginderella in the winter for me please.


  3. Half an hour with a stranger is quite my idea of hell. A stranger I gushed over for years! It takes too much ginderella for Lurkerella – well, being both drunk could be a solution…


  4. I would love to spend 30 minutes with Richard Armitage but in reality I would find it excruciating, particularly if it were an organised event, so the cocktail would have to be really potent and work quickly. Being stuck accidentally with him would be better. I also struggle with how much money I spend on him anyway, $5000 is beyond my budget. I’d prefer it id Love Love Love was released in digital format, with the proceeds going to the theatre.

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    • The current high bid is $2250 for a Zoom with Jennifer Garner and her father. I honestly did not even know who they were till I read the listing.

      Very with you on LLL.

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  5. No, I wouldn’t spend that money, don’t have that kind of budget to spend and I’m not sure what I’d talk about in such a setting! It would feel too forced to me…. If I met him casually, socially, somewhere I wouldn’t mind chatting with him but not in such a setting as an auction prize.
    I’m not that familiar with cocktails but it’s been ages since I’ve had a Pina Colada and I remember liking those. 🙂


  6. Highest auction is still at $3250 US, with about a week to go.


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