That choice is in no way alienating

I’d have to listen to the whole explanation before coming to judgment, but uch, Dickens, and then the piece of Dickens I can’t stand the most. Blerg.

~ by Servetus on September 9, 2020.

12 Responses to “That choice is in no way alienating”

  1. I don’t think this is for me….


    • This seems a bit silly. I wonder if DT is now going the Audible route in terms of inane marketing, except that the targets of this are institutional subscribers.


  2. that is an odd choice that I don’t really understand. he wants advice on how to be alone, how to be happy to be alone, but the character he picked isn’t actually happy, so… ?


    • Right? That’s the whole point of Scrooge. He’s unhappy because of his traumatic past, which is revealed to the reader via a dream that reminds him that he used to be a different person, and once he processes that he hangs out with the Cratchits and blossoms like a flower. If only life were that uncomplicated.

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  3. I have to agree, Servetus – A Christmas Carol? No no no…


    • Well, if he’s planning to appear in that over the holiday season, I won’t have to feel bad about not being able to go to London to see it.


  4. Humbug!


  5. I thought RA liked a certain degree of solitude. So why does a self-proclaimed “anti-socialite” (it’s his Twitter tag line, for Pete’s sake, and only partly sarcastic) need advice about being anti-social? Yes, endless lockdown is a different beast, perhaps. But still. And in any case, doesn’t he have a bf these days? Even if they’re on different continents they must talk. I dunno – I live alone (and enjoy solitude) and am connecting with people just fine thanks to texts, Zoom, etc., which Scrooge didn’t have but presumably RA does.

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    • Tbh it’s only since summer school ended that I have gotten even close to feeling any solitude. Something was always pinging or demanding my attention, phone email Zoom text … somehow media are much more intrusive than most real people.

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    • I felt like the full interview was a bit incoherent on this point. (Also, as usual — I find he has trouble applying categories — it’s just not his way of seeing the world, I suspect.) On the one hand, he sympathizes with / identifies with Scrooge, on the other hand, he wants to learn more about being “successfully” anti-social, and on yet another front he sees himself in this weirdly contrived situation as helping to figure out what’s wrong with Scrooge. Tbh, I am also sure Armitage has friends and talks to them either personally or via phone, computer, etc.

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  6. Not a huge Christmas Carol fan either but I would be interested in hearing what he has to say.


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