I’m blue green, da ba dee, da ba da


I’m not a huge fan of Ken Follett, although my brother is. Rule number one for me in a historical novel is that the novel can’t change actual history, and that’s not a priority for Follett. I didn’t read or watch Pillars of the Earth and I will probably skip this, too. I fast forwarded through the blurb. Too slow. That said, I had the following reactions:

  • Love the hair, Mr. Armitage!
  • It’s amusing to me that ten years ago, when I became a fan, there was so much wistful discussion of the Pillars of the Earth miniseries and regret that Armitage was not in it.
  • He’s just not a very good pitchman. (For comparison purposes, partial collections can be found here and here and here and here).
  • Wouldn’t it be interesting if he transformed from actor into book promoter?

It wasn’t clear to me if he was just reading this, or if he was going to narrate it Pan MacMillan. However, on the subject of the proliferation of audiobooks lately, I had been meaning to post this link for a long time: as of May, it was apparently the only portion of the publishing industry making any money.

~ by Servetus on September 15, 2020.

22 Responses to “I’m blue green, da ba dee, da ba da”

  1. Nope, he isn’t going to read this. It already has been recorded for Audible by a performer called John Lee.
    While I liked the video message as such, I wasn’t quite sure about his promoting prowess. I suppose, it’s the typical reaction as a celeb to do so, but I thought he talked a little bit too much about himself (even though that is what made it interesting for me). Just a tiny bit too much deference to Follett, too, I thought. I mean, yes, I love Follett’s books, but I don’t think I’d call him “one of the greatest English writers” (or however he phrased it)… Interesting that he described himself feeling so in awe of the writer when he met him for lunch…

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  2. Oh, I see, there’s another vid here. I wish he wouldn’t talk about history. What a turnoff.


  3. Yikes. This is not a salesman. I guess as an actor You only need to be able to sell yourself?

    Second video:

    “I am so excited” Dude! You could have fooled me. You don’t look nor sound excited


    • I’m guessing he wanted to produce and realized he couldn’t compete either financially or in terms of track record. This was a crumb someone offered him for exposure.


  4. I’m sorry this has nothing to do with the discussion.
    But all I can do is stare and replay. He’s so so pretty and so handsome and I’m just grinning like an idiot.

    I’m mesmerized by his mouth, teeth, face, hair etc.
    And his voice and his mouth while he talks

    I’ll just watch this during my break from class.😊🥰


  5. “book promoter” with a too perfect waxen face and incredible white plastic smiles… sorry not to be kind. Nowadays , LIFE IS SOMEWHERE ELSE, I am thinking about.


  6. I just think of those hairs between my fingers ….


  7. I am so thrilled to see him look so happy! That’s what really comes across to me. Well, of course, lovely to look at also. Was he reading something? lol

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  8. I only ever read Pillars of the Earth many years ago and really liked it then so maybe I will attempt this one as well… some time.


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