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Here’s a new-ish interview with Richard Armitage on the release of the Beatrix Potter audiobook this last week. I guess he’s a mouse? Has anyone listened to it?

I had mentioned a few posts ago that audiobooks are the only part of publishing making money this summer. I wonder if they’re catching up to print or ebooks in overall numbers. During the whole fan debacle over the release of Hamlet, I was told by one of the authors that audiobooks sell miniscule numbers in comparison to print titles. David Hewson makes an interesting comment on the history of that development here (actually relating to Romeo & Juliet), as he prepares to release another audiobook.

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2020.

4 Responses to “audiobooks + business”

  1. “eventually I’d want to produce things and not have to act in them”? He doesn’t like acting anymore? A bit of a strange thing to say, as I’m reading it anyway.


  2. Not listened to it. And I’ll probably give it a pass. I do like Beatrix Potter, but these are childrens’ stories, which I am not really interested in at this moment in time. It might have been different if RA had been the principal reader in this collection. But he is just one of many. Interestingly he also does not feature heavily in the promotion of the collection – despite being one of Audible’s top performers?


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