Reasons I appreciate (both) live theatre and streaming

Richard Armitage as Astrov in Uncle Vanya, as photographed by Johan Persson and snaffled from the Uncle Vanya FB page


This is from the end of Act Three, as the family is tearing itself into shreds over Serebryakov’s decision to sell the estate. Astrov enters at some point, sits down, and observes the fight, then leaves. Every time I watched the play I wished I could see better what was going on on Astrov’s face.

Can’t wait.

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2020.

14 Responses to “Reasons I appreciate (both) live theatre and streaming”

  1. Keeping fingers crossed it will come to Winnipeg. I will wear a hazmat suit if it means I get to see it. I haven’t been to a movie theatre in months and we just opened not two months ago or so. I hope things are well where you are.


    • I’m guessing Chicago would be the nearest here, and last i heard if I cross the state line I have to self-quarantine for two weeks, so. We’ll see.

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      • Is that still going on in chicago? I knew at one point they were saying that travelers from Nebraska needed to quarantine as well


        • I haven’t kept up with it, because I haven’t had any real reason to go any further than the farm since March. But Wisconsin is still one of the worst states, I guess. The governor redeclared the state of emergency today and I imagine that will be the subject of another court battle.


      • Going across provincial lines would mean self-quarantine for 10 days, down from 14. We are now on a hybrid schedule (WFH and on campus.) My manager is laid back but I am unsure if fangirling would be an acceptable wfh reason to self isolate.


  2. What a brilliant picture. Needed exactly that one. I remember the scene especially, when he stayed so discreetly in the very background for quite a while, and as you did, I always tried to figure out his face.

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    • Glad I wasn’t the only one. I figure it’s a fangirl thing, but that’s fine. I wonder how watching all that hubbub affects how Astrov behaves in the subsequent act?


      • Yeah, we ought not forget that we “only” have seen previews. They were still working on some scenes. Hope we will really have the chance to figure out their “final” modifications, and that we will be able to discern loads of affects up close in Astrovs glorious face (fangirls most exuberant joy!!). I’m in a bit of anticipation…….shuffling my feet…. already :-).


  3. It was coming soon to my local Cineworld but that was before Boris’s speech last night!
    He wants us back in our houses that’s after telling everyone to get back to work!
    It must have seemed like a good idea to film the play and release to the theatres but streaming would have been better, so we never have to go out, again, ever!


    • I’m sure it will stream eventually. I don’t know how they will get around that if they want to turn a profit. I’ve read in different places that the cost of filming a play is around 3M GBP.


  4. I hope they don’t cut away from him…

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