Things that don’t seem real

~ by Servetus on September 23, 2020.

11 Responses to “Things that don’t seem real”

  1. Yeay! Something to look forward to 🙂


    • Theoretically, anyway. They offered me a refund again today, and I’m tempted, as there’s no discussion of whether they will plan for any kind of social distancing measures should they be necessary. I guess we’ll see what happens.


      • Hopefully at this point will be a vacine available and/or more/better measures to safeguard big events. I would allow myself to stay hopeful and hold on to the tickets


        • That seems to be where my heart is, too. Although I looked yesterday and (thank you, dynamic pricing) I could get a much better seat for less than I paid for this ticket a year ago. So I could return this ticket and buy a new one and save the difference. However, I assume any tickets that are purchased now probably wouldn’t be refundable if there were continued problems, as they’d say you knew what you were doing.

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  2. He will be 75 years old by then! It seems like a very long time in the future.


  3. Let’s hope by then a vaccine will be available and administered.


    • A tried and tested vaccine, that is, and not the one some despots would like to push through prematurely.


      • Indeed.

        The newspapers here keep reporting that such and percentage of Americans do not want to be vaccinated against Covid-19, as if that’s evidence that anti-vaxxing has taken over the country. I hear that and think, yeah, there are some anti-vaxxers in there but most of them are people (of all political persuasions) whose confidence in anything the US government says about the situation has been fatally undermined. At this point I have stopped reading what the CDC has to say and I consult the web page of the Robert Koch Institute.

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  4. […] my mid-level Rocketman obsession, I bought tickets for a farewell tour concert for April of 2020. I was offered the chance to return the ticket or accept a rescheduled date, and I ended up keeping the ticket. At that point, April 2022 seemed like a long way off (eighteen […]


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