C19 is closing

Esther’s reminiscences are here.

~ by Servetus on October 8, 2020.

5 Responses to “C19 is closing”

  1. Thanks for the link-love.

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  2. I cannot help it, but this makes me sad….(though I understand, it all needs so much attention and effort to keep it running…) Thanks Servetus for pointing it out.

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    • I still logged in periodically to see what was going on, but there was relatively little traffic, and a lot of it was devoted to non-C19 topics. I can imagine that they felt a bit like their purpose had been overtaken by other media. There was a really active thread on Trump and boy, I would not have wanted to moderate that for love or money.


      • Oh dear! That sounds….painful! Discussions about….mmm…are for sure within seconds on a “level” one never wants to be on ! What a nightmare! Haven’t seen that, but had wondered for a while how many very different and “off-topic” themes they had taken up over the last couple of years. But actually must’ve been there the last time at least 5 month ago. Still, I used to check in regularly. Remember vividly how long it took me (10 yrs ago) to somehow find my way around through certain threads on (all) the boards of C19. Exciting stuff, that was! Boy, oh boy, Richard, you had sent me on quite a heady journey.


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