Things may have just pushed into tilt

The US President is apparently going to under go a live medical exam on Fox News. Tonight. As yahoo news said, wtaf?

~ by Servetus on October 9, 2020.

20 Responses to “Things may have just pushed into tilt”

  1. I’m speechless.


  2. Excuse me?!?!?!?!


    • Yeah, when I saw it in my feedly I was like, nah. Fake news. But it’s real.


      • How any person with selfrespect could let him do something is beyond me. Is there really noone around to tell him off (only a rhetorical question).


        • So far it seems like he’s trying to contradict most of the information we got last weekend. It’s very bizarre. He didn’t have any symptoms other than fatigue, he says. Also, he’s going to make regeneron available to everyone who has the disease, free of charge. Uh huh.

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  3. Er…. ???


  4. Read it. Still don’t believe it.


  5. Will a shrink be present?


    • LOL. The doctor who is “evaluating” him is apparently a source of medical misinformation.


      • why am I not surprised by that information?


        • I have so often asked myself why DJT doesn’t just tell the truth about at least some stuff. (me, having been raised in a “telling the truth is so much easier than lying” atmosphere, I’m prejudiced of course.) But I have concluded recently that he actually likes the fact that there are always rumors that what he says is false, because it keeps people talking about him. If the goal is ratings, creating additional controversy is never wrong.


  6. Then they must already know the answer… if he’s going to have a rapid Covid test, there’s no way he’d chance a surprise positive. And if he’s not going to have one, then what’s the point?


    • yeah, I assume. But that said I also have no difficulty believing that we would be lied to on live tv, either. The president’s doctor lied all last weekend about the real state of affairs — to the point that it will be probably be decades before historians sort out what actually happened (assuming they don’t destroy all the records). Not to be tin-hattish here, but what actually happened to Woodrow Wilson and how involved his wife was in running the country has only been revealed recently and that was a century ago. There were always rumors, to be sure. Presidential doctors always lie.

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  7. Ratings, ratings, ratings and be on all the front pages and news programs again, that’s the aim. I wish everyone would just ignore it and not give him the satisfaction.


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