New Piece in The Times of London, ICYMI

~ by Servetus on October 17, 2020.

8 Responses to “New Piece in The Times of London, ICYMI”

  1. Totally feel you on the restaurant / bar issue, babe. Fewer people are pretty much always better.

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  2. “The destination is death, in fact.” Okay, well that’s depressing.
    This does sound like the Richard we know, though. Most of it resonates with me, too — although “fastidious about organizing where I live” is not me. (Bit messy, you know.)


    • Sounds like he’s very much wondering what’s next.

      Fastidious: that’s a change from earlier interviews. Maybe he’s having a mid-life organizational crisis?

      I always end up wondering to what extent he’s responding to things fans say constantly — at least potentially, there are two responses here: he doesn’t think he’s witty enough for talkshows and he doesn’t feel equipped to do the sort of press / live events he had to do for The Hobbit. I had long suspected the first, and if the second is true, then he’s well out of the hunt for those insanely large roles that demand the larger than life personality.

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      • Maybe he organizes precisely so that his messy tendencies don’t take over. I do some of that too, but it never holds.

        The thing is, while the talk shows and the press/live events don’t come easily to him, he was getting fairly polished at them. Practice makes perfect. But if he avoids them or doesn’t have enough opportunities that require them, then he probably begins to dread them.

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  3. […] Armitage in his latest interview (thanks Servetus for the screenshots) says he may want to attempt starting a family by getting a […]


  4. This is so interesting… this whole week I’ve been thinking about the whole journey vs destination thing and the inevitability of death. It’s amazing that he articulated exactly what I’ve been ruminating about. (And no, I am not at all depressed.)


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