More Harlan Coben / Netflix for Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on October 29, 2020.

12 Responses to “More Harlan Coben / Netflix for Richard Armitage”

  1. Woot! Really like Cush Jumbo in “The Good Fight”

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  2. Holy cow, with the kind of week, or week and a bit, I had it felt like I won the lottery but he got the part. Long story Servetus.


  3. I am not complaining 😀

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    • I don’t feel like I have an opinion. Or can have one, as I didn’t watch The Stranger. I did read that Netflix and Harlen Coben have a deal for 14 projects. I don’t know how many of them I’d like to watch, though. I hope this doesn’t turn into something like Audible.

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  4. The Stranger was very well received by viewers I know who hardly ever heard of, or forgot, Richard Armitage, and they thought he was very good in it. Coben’s published works often feature a character similar to one Armitage played , but I don’t think it would work if he appeared in too many similar series by the same author or creative team. I’m, actually surprised that so soon after The Stranger, he’s got another role in one. I don’t think we face the same saturation risk as there is with narrating books. Having said that, Hallmark movies, and especially their Holiday movies, do seem to use the same actors over and over in similar roles. So, unless Harlan Coben and his team, become “suspense drama’s” answer to Hallmark PG14, it shouldn’t be that risky.


    • I also know non-fans who saw and enjoyed it. I wish I could get enthused about watching it but there is too much other stuff going on right now, and I have so little unencumbered free time.

      I was a bit surprised by this, too, but I imagine he’s antsy to be working.

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