Thorin wants to go to the polls

But he can’t figure out how to get his mask situated.

First try. I think he doesn’t get that he’s not just dwarf-sized, he’s micro-dwarf-sized.

Second try.

At least he can walk in this one. But it still seems unsatisfactory to me.

He’s so focused, I haven’t had the heart to tell him he’s not a citizen. I’m going to go to bed and see if he can figure it out by himself.

~ by Servetus on November 3, 2020.

19 Responses to “Thorin wants to go to the polls”

  1. Hi.
    Hope you are doing well. If you are indeed going out tomorrow, please be safe. In the days and weeks following.
    Ensure to keep Thorin safe too. I think he just wants to ensure you are safe and that’s his grumpy of doing so without outting himself.

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    • I was masked, sanitized, and voted with a disposable pen. Thorin was in my jeans pocket. He seems to have survived.

      After this post, he insisted he needed to have his sword arm free.


  2. I hope you didn’t tell him that he is micro-dwarf- sized. He looks just angry and uncomfortable, but I think it is because of his beard. Imagine it is surely conglomerate, aside from looking gift-wrapped. Take care when you take off the mask of him, he can move his sword and run behind you

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  3. Last week, Thorin plush was with me at the beach, on windy but sunny days. We needed to breathe pure air without mask. He “Followed Me One Last Time” while “Winter is Coming”.


  4. Good luck

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  5. LOL! Good luck today. I have never before rooted so hard for America to make the right choice as I am rooting today for you all.

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    • We need every bit of support. (And assuming Biden is elected, we’re going to need a lot of understanding and collegiality that we probably don’t deserve.) Thanks for yours!

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  6. Lol! At least he’ll be warm. It’s a little after 7 a.m. here and a not so toasty 27 degrees. I’m getting ready to go vote. I’ll probably have to stand in the parking lot a little while, so I’m bundling up as I don’t like to be cold.

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    • Wow, that is really cold. We are having a brief warming phase and it’s supposed to get up to 60 today. As the weatherman said this morning, bad weather will not be an excuse for not voting this time around.


  7. What a cute, angry looking warrior-mask-role 🙂


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