Richard Armitage recommends Little Women?

This really flummoxes me. This is one of the most influential books in my life, by far. I’ve read it at least four dozen times. But it’s not especially credible that he has, or that he likes it. That really does not fit with my picture of him.

~ by Servetus on November 10, 2020.

20 Responses to “Richard Armitage recommends Little Women?”

  1. Audible’s PR machine in overdrive. I doubt if RA has read Little Women as well. The seminal book of my girlhood as well.


  2. I don’t think he read it either. Just promoting titles. Which is ok with me. The guy has to make a living.


  3. His inner maiden surfaces – now we know she spent all this time reading. Good girl.


  4. If this is his choice, then I wonder what the question posed to him was.


  5. Who knows what he may have been assigned to read when he was in school. That’s where I first read Little Women. And also my first Austen (P&P) and Dickens (Tale of Two Cities). English class, along with the parallel of History.


    • Maybe, although Little Women isn’t taught in school that much. I just read an article about this somewhere. It never used to be all that popular and since the 1970s it’s on almost no lists, because it’s not a “boy’s” book. I didn’t read it in school. I did read a lot of Dickens in school, though.


      • Guess I gave away my age 🙂 — I was in school LONG before you were. LW was on a reading list, as was P&P. Tale of Two Cities was taught in my 10th grade English class.

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        • I think P&P was assigned for school while I was there, but I had read it before that. We read Great Expectations in 9th grade, and then also in different years, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Tale of Two Cities (don’t remember which in which year), but I had been in Oliver! at Girl Scout camp as a tween so I was already familiar with that story. My first college boyfriend was in a production of Edwin Drood, so I read that then. And then I read a few more when I was living in Germany — good books to read on long train rides.


  6. Bills Bills Bills I guess


  7. He’s an obsessive reader and I’ve noticed his mum’s influence on his reading before. Maybe this was one of those moments?


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