The next two

First, this, which is cool.

Which suggests it will have English subtitles, yay.

And then this. I think I’ve decided I will pre-order the discs for just this episode, and then if I get more interested I will checkout the three previous ones. Someone else plays Rassilon in the other stories. Hopefully I can get a plot summary. The other Big Finish project he did, the War of the Worlds adaptation, was really strong. I suspect I am going to enjoy this more than I would another audiobook.

~ by Servetus on November 21, 2020.

12 Responses to “The next two”

  1. When two fandoms collide again! Eeeep! 😉

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  2. OMG OMG OMG 😀


  3. It’s exciting to have some fresh meat at last and one at least that we can see. Not mad about Dr Who but I’m looking forward to RA’s performance. It would be great if he could be in the TV show too (although I would have to watch it then) as it has a big following.


  4. Always good news when projects with RA become available. Not sure whether I will sit through the whole Sci-Fi drama, but I think it is so cool that RA will be part of the Dr Who universe. I might have to consult my daughter about the back story of Rassilon etc… bonus bonding with teenage children 😁


    • I watched it intermittently in the 80s when it was on public TV in the US. I got the basic principles, I hope. Definitely not up for a huge buy in. Although I watched the Lucas North episodes of Spooks before I saw the rest of it, and that turned out okay.


  5. War of the Worlds is the only piece of RA audio work I have actually been able to listen to all the way through.


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