I thought this might be coming

National Theatre announces streaming service for its productions. (My prediction was that they would license content to other platforms, but it will be interesting to see if this venture can sustain itself.)

~ by Servetus on December 1, 2020.

11 Responses to “I thought this might be coming”

  1. It’s kind of expensive. $17+ to rent once? (Not sure if that CAD or USD.) Movies at home are only around $7.


    • Their normal in theatre tix (here, anyway) are usually $25.

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      • That’s true. I guess I’m more willing to pay extra for an event than to watch something at home.

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        • I guess part of it depends on whether you think you’re accessing something special (as opposed to putting it in the context of all the other things you stream). I mean, if I had to go see a National Theatre play in person, assuming I could anymore, the cost would be around $2000 plus the tickets. So that makes $25 for a cinema ticket look good — the only issue being I can’t see it live, seven nights in a row like I could for the higher price. So $17 to see it is already way less than even the ticket would cost me in England and somewhat less than it would cost to see it in a cinema — assuming that is the comparison I’m making. I don’t follow it really closely but I think most of the new movies I would be interested in seeing are in the $20 range via our cable on demand service.

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          • Ah I just got my email. $12.97 + tax in Canada. That sounds more reasonable. I guess it would depend how much selection they would have, though, whether an annual subscription is worth it.

            But I see what you mean about a trip vs a home screening price.

            By the way, it looks like there will be some more Vanya showings later. Vancouver at the end of a January. Hopefully things will be better then.

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  2. I hope it’ll work and I am glad they do the one play at a time option (different to DT with their ‘subscribe only’)

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    • Yeah, I am getting hostile about subscription streaming services. I also think this follows the way that audiences for this stuff tend to select what they’re going to do. Unless you have a subscription to the National Theatre itself, you probably don’t see every play they put on anyway. The normal consumer would pick and choose productions, at least under normal circumstances. I suppose if you had to subsribe you might watch things you wouldn’t choose otherwise but I think the probability is low that that effect would persist for long.

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      • Did you know the Old Vic is doing a streaming involving Andrew Lincoln playing Scrooge.


        • I did. I had kind of had in the back of my mind, when I first heard of the production before the cast was announced, that maybe Armitage was under consideration for that and that was why he picked Scrooge to discuss on DT+. But either that hypothesis was false or Lincoln beat out Armitage for the role.

          That is a little different from this, though (at least as I understood it). They were going to screen those performances live all over the world. As I understand this service, it’s an ondemand streaming platform for productions they have already recorded. They may add plays that they continue to capture, but it’s not going to be a live streaming service. Or maybe they will change.


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