So that’s the context

Article in Metro about those tweets. Makes me feel better about the smarm.

~ by Servetus on December 8, 2020.

12 Responses to “So that’s the context”

  1. Dawn French has been criticised for her BLM tweets etc and has been supported by RA her fictional husband. Do people know that Dawn was married to an eminent actor,Sir Lenny Henry, who is black , for over 20 years and has a black daughter. Her opportunity to do things for this cause in the VoD is to be praised not seen as a “lovey” being politically correct.


  2. I am sorry for French and that she has to endure a shitstorm nd I hope she gets the real support she needs.

    Btw, I saw the first episode today (only circa 10 minutes long) and found it soso. Hopefully the other two eps will be a bit more entertaining.


    • Is the humor based on her putting herself down? That’s what really tired me out over time about VoD in general.


      • @Servetus: I wouldn’ say so.
        She is always a bit overexcited and the first ep is filmed as a Zoom meeting or something like that and that combination annoyed me a bit. Plus the jokes were a bit on the flat side for my liking

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        • I started watching “The Trouble with Maggie Cole” and got a bit turned off during the second episode. I think I struggle with her sense of humor.

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  3. Thank you for that. I was slightly confused by the little exchange between RA and Dawn. Now I know 👍🏻

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  4. I guess you’ve seen this article?


    • I had not, thanks! That moves the film into the category of “much more likely to be made,” which is cool. I wonder if TG is one of Chris’ adult friends? I’ve given the book back to the library so I can’t look it up.


    • or maybe the drama teacher?


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