Paying it forward

When you remember his own mother was prevented from having a scheduled surgery at this time of year, it’s impressive.

~ by Servetus on January 4, 2021.

30 Responses to “Paying it forward”

  1. bless him

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  2. I wonder if he is volunteering as a “Check in and chat” volunteer. Can you imagine getting a call from RA to combat loneliness???

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  3. It is not so much drawing out the call as long as possible , but recognising the voice ( which is very recognisable ) and saying anything in response to his Hi, I’m Richard Armitage , or just hearing the voice without the name , as you lose control of your speaking faculties .


  4. If he really is doing this KUDOS!


    • Well, I hope he wouldn’t misinform us.


      • Oh no, I haven’t meant it that way. Only that it’s sometimes difficult to realize things (because of own life commitments for example)

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        • Of course. Also, I think not everyone is good at this kind of thing, either. If he tries and can’t continue, I wouldn’t hold it against him. There are so many ways to contribute supportively.


          • So true! I for one couldn’t do it atm. The other day I talked to my aunt on the phone (she has cancer and is in hospital to get her first chemo) and after that I would have needed someone to talk to but sure wasn’t able to cheer anyone up that day sigh


            • [sighs with you]. I was told recently by the dementia coach that I need to preserve my energy reserves. “Your oxygen mask on first.”


              • Has he or she told you how to do that?


                • No. LOL.

                  One of the initial tips was “stop doing things for Flower.” Friday dad was fixated on doing something for her, and with the amount of time and energy that were required to respond to his insistence, I probably should just have given in. I think part of the issue with this advice is that in a situation like mine, you end up also canceling “frivolous” activities because they would take too much energy and seem less important.


  5. This is very commendable. Britain is hard hit by this new and more infectious variant. I saw some footage from London yesterday where the ambulances cued up in front of hospital entrances waiting to unload patients. I’m in awe of the hard working hospital staff all over the world. So, it’s very commendable of RA to go and offer his help and to encourage others to do the same.


    • Maybe some people will volunteer in hopes of meeting him! (Just kidding.) It really is setting a good example.


  6. So he’s back in London?
    OT very happy for election in Georgia!


    • I think he might have gotten stuck in England, so to speak, over the holidays.

      GA was the only bright spot yesterday. A coup attempt, almost 4,000 COVID dead, and the Trump Administration started selling of Alaska nature preserves.


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