This is amusingly written

Review of the Vanya screen adaptation. I know I’m in the minority about Aimee Lou Wood, who in my opinion was not at the level of the other performers. However, it also shamefully neglects Rosalind Eleazar, who was really great in this. Honestly, when I see a review like this that just erases a main character and the performer who plays her, there’s only one conclusion left for me about our society, and the author.

~ by Servetus on January 8, 2021.

4 Responses to “This is amusingly written”

  1. Definitely an amusing read – I had to chuckle a few times. But the omission of Rosalind Eleazar really looms big, not least because her stage-husband Serebryakov is mentioned. Mind you, the review talks about Ciaran Hinds in the role, which makes me wonder whether the author really saw the filmed version at all? He mentioned Allam in the intro – but then only talks about Hinds? Hmph.

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    • Good point about Hinds / Allam. Maybe he hasn’t watched it. (I haven’t either, admittedly. No time until Jan 17).

      Honestly when I read a review like this I assume it’s been written by an elderly white male — but Lukowski is definitely not old. There are some people who just don’t or can’t see non-white women; Lukowski seems to fall into that category.

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  2. ‘London is nothing if not a city full of Vanyas and Astrovs, middle-aged people living out a version of their youths’ certainly chimes with my town (and with me). Leaving out Rosalind Eleazar is striking: the more I see of her performance, particularly in filmed close-up (when I’m not just glued to RA) the more I’m wowed by it. ‘Strapping’ is not what comes to either when I see RA in this.

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