Dwarf Camp was TEN YEARS AGO

This is insane. Prompted by Herba I was looking at last year but I just saw a post by Adam Brown that ten years ago today, he got on the plane to go to New Zealand. Here’s my post from Jan 14, 2011.


Richard Armitage waits to get picked for teams in PE class.


And a vid I can’t not love.

~ by Servetus on January 12, 2021.

22 Responses to “Dwarf Camp was TEN YEARS AGO”

  1. Love the lovely dwarves. 💞

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  2. Insane is the right word…..TEN years????? Wow!


  3. La la la la, not listening! 10 years though, that is crazy (RA always looks so good in those black Nike? bottoms.)


    • Of course you’re right to block out this knowledge.

      He looked so good at Dwarf Camp — that was a major shot in the arm for me at the time.

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  4. This is an unsettling idea…..but it’s wonderful that we are still here… 🙂

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  5. I was still lurking on the blogs back then, it’s interesting reading the comments knowing what we know now!

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  6. Yep, we’re getting old.


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