Naive anniversary

A year ago today I flew back from LHR to ORD. As I walked through the long arrival halls in ORD, I saw a sign on one of the many ceiling screens at immigration asking passengers who had visited Wuhan, China, to do something (make themselves known? see their doctor? My memory isn’t clear).

I remember thinking, “Huh, never heard of Wuhan, China.”

[dude, only 11M people live there. Western ignorance.]

And if subsequent events hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t remember even that much. I had missed my original connection and needed to rush to make it to the gate for the rebooking they had already done for me. I was pushed through an expedited immigration line that was (oddly) located at the longest walk from where I entered the arrivals hall. There was some terminal renovation going on so getting to the gate involved a really long walk, multiple security checks, and a very cold bus to the new terminal. I was hungry and parched — I drank a bottle of KeVita probiotic stuff I found at a kiosk near the gate — and called my brother to try to figure out where exactly dad was at that point, texted a friend at work to verify that I was back in the U.S. and would meet my classes the next day, and got on the connecting flight home maybe ten minutes later.

The next morning I was back in the classroom for the beginning of the spring term.

~ by Servetus on January 19, 2021.

2 Responses to “Naive anniversary”

  1. My anniversary is almost a month from today – went to London for UV, flew back to Riga on February 25th so I could go to the countryside to visit my childhood home. The first virus case flew to Riga too and took a bus to our capital. My bus from Riga departed 2h later than his and I got off mid-way. Woke up the next morning to the news that the first case was found in my country.

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