A Richard Armitage fanfic plug

The admins at Dreamer Fiction have just completed a forum upgrade. Dreamer Fiction was created over a decade ago to house Armitage-related fanfic in a space safe from prying eyes of people who might be reading content a little too mature for them (at a time when C19 prohibited adult content), or just to create another possibility for fans to house their stories. Not all of the content is mature — there’s something for every reader there. A lot of us cut our fanfic teeth reading there, and there are still several active authors / stories going on. It’s now on a second or third generation of admins, and i know they would love to find more active members. For anyone who’s interested in this material and doesn’t have an account, you can register here. (As far as I know a reference from a previous registrant or verification of age is no longer necessary.)

~ by Servetus on January 25, 2021.

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