Gosh, the hair!


~ by Servetus on February 4, 2021.

13 Responses to “Gosh, the hair!”

  1. Not a fan of the hair.

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  2. He does need a little trim. Otherwise, huzzah!


  3. Like it!!! He appears so much softer with longer hair. Quite on the way to become Chop….. 😉


  4. Half way to 90s footballer? 😉 I usually prefer him with shorter styles, but this is growing on me…


  5. Looks the way my two youngest son’s hair was as they where growing it out. It’s not short anymore but not long either.


  6. I am not sure about the hair, looks a bit disheveled and greasy. Loved Guy in season 3 with the luscious locks, but this look… don’t know. But his hair seems still quite thick.
    Anyway, the message comes across heartfelt and genuine and it’s very sweet that he tries to pronounce all co-actors in the right way (I guess).


    • Given all the comments he’s made over the years about the mispronunciation of his name, he’s in a credibility trap if he doesn’t pronounce their names correctly, I think.


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