~ by Servetus on February 4, 2021.

11 Responses to “Sweet”

  1. Yes, it is. I love his elegantly-posed left hand.


  2. Looks like a lovely cake! And he seems really touched 🙂


    • yeah — a really great picture of him. It’s been weird to me that despite the greater flood of pictures since 2011 so few of them are really touching in anyway. Maybe the key is that someone else has to be taking them.


      • Seems that way. He really should ask someone else to take the pics and not do selfies so much


        • There was an advisory on our local tv news last week suggesting that people not post pictures of their faces with their vaccination registration card, because it would enable identity theft. The newscaster then said, “or you could just not post a selfie.” I had to laugh.


          • lol to not post a selfie at all is waaaaaay to easy


            • somehow that got caught in spam. Yeah — imagine that — no selfie. Dad got his vax a week ago and they had set up a sort of poster that you could stand next to for a photo. Clearly they also wanted to discourage selfies, kind of. B/c I took a pic of dad when we were in the treatment area and the nurse encouraged me. She told me to post it everywhere I could think of. (Well, I didn’t do that.)

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              • I guess it needs all the advertisement they can get.
                How is he? Any signs of side effects?


                • No reaction at all. Word of mouth around here is that most people only react to the first dose if they’ve been exposed or actually had it, b/c they already have some antibodies. It’s the second dose that is more likely to knock people over. Again, that’s all just anecdotal from stuff people have said to me. Dad gets second dose on March 5.

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