How does he do that?

No, I haven’t watched the movie yet. I’m going to try to do it tonight, although I’m not too optimistic it will work out. But this picture triggered one of my perennial Richard Armitage questions, i.e., how does he manage to be substantial and stick thin at the same time? Every single time I’ve seen him in person (three times) I see him on stage and he seems so large and powerful, and then I see him off stage and he almost seems slight (particularly the case with Love, Love, Love). For whatever reason this is one of those pictures where he seems to me both large and powerful and then simultaneously somehow not. It’s a puzzle.

~ by Servetus on February 6, 2021.

14 Responses to “How does he do that?”

  1. “substantial and stick thin at the same time”?
    The best description ever!!!
    He is perfect…. 😭

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  2. A real mystery!
    Do you know Michael Endes ‘Jim Knopf’ stories? There is a man that appears to be a giant from afar but gets smaller and smaller the closer you get. Might be a relative of the Armitage family 😉

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  3. Not even a bit of belly paunch? Either good genes or lots of exercise


  4. Yes, I know exactly what you mean, he’s like a cat in that way.


    • Does he purr when you pet him?

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      • I wish! He always runs away from me in my dreams, which seems a wasted opportunity.


        • That is unfortunate, although he is probably rushing to make it on time into the next woman’s dream.

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          • LOL !!
            I will never forget my first ever encounter with RA at the ‘Hobbit’ Premiere in Berlin, when he stood an arm’s length away from me. He seemed my height (!! which was and still is ridiculous), and his almost delicate (very, very slender) appearance left me mightily dumbstruck. I was really, really bewildered and everything else one can be when one sees the man of one’s dreams (actually being one of the next women!!) 😉

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            • So I guess it’s something we’re doing in our minds, somehow. Indeed I have seen you both and he’s a bit taller than you!


  5. Yes, that has been my observation as well and it puzzles me too.

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