Happy lunar new year

~ by Servetus on February 12, 2021.

5 Responses to “Happy lunar new year”

  1. Have a Happy Lunar New Year! I am going to make some egg rolls sometime this weekend. Son2 was going to come up but he has on call next week and it’s just to cold. Will miss him as he always helps me cook the egg rolls.


    • Too cold is right! I keep saying to myself, well, at least the sturgeon fishermen should be happy. Two solid weeks of temps around zero.

      Are egg rolls hard to make?


      • Egg Roll I don’t think are hard to make. I have made the wrappers before this year. This year got a package from the store plus the filling and fry. I get more than we need and freeze them.

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  2. This reminded me to wear red to work today


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